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Custom-made/ Procurement/ Wholesale

WatchProcurement/ Wholesale

If youneed eStylewatch to help to buy a watch or a limited edition watch for you,please feel free to contact us.


*Promise Genuine Goods*


Inaddition, eStylewatch also provides wholesale services such as watches oraccessories. As long as it reaches a certain amount, you can enjoy thewholesale price. The final price depends on the brand or quantity.


Want toask for more quotations or information:

Pleaseemail the model number and other information to or call(852) 2782 1331. We will follow up as soon as possible.



Watchescan be given as special gifts to others on special days such as marriage,birthday, company anniversary, etc. We have many years of experience in thewatch industry, we can find the right manufacturer to customize the watch foryou, from design to production. Contact us if you need it.


Tel:(852) 2782 1331